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Antiques and Anecdotes

Today is opening day of MyVintageVTCottage as an expansion of my Etsy shop. The goal is to have both shops complement each other: my Etsy shop currently features more than 300 items and I hope you'll stop by to poke around and browse (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyVintageVTCottage).  But the shop here gives me the opportunity to both sell the vintage and antique collectibles I find in my travels and chat a bit with you about collecting, flea markets, favorite haunts, and food. Along the way I'll share my perspective on navigating the world of antique fairs (and life) while using mobility assistive devices (aka canes, rollators, scooters, walkers). A little life, a lot of food, and plenty of discussion of vintage and antique collectibles. Framed that way, it doesn't seem such a daunting enterprise after all.

Thanks for dropping by the shop and I hope you'll visit again. 



  • Brenda Foley
  • #accessibility#antiquing#etsy#fleamarket#shop

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